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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Costumes of Celebrities

Halloween is on the edge,annual holiday will be observed on October 31, which commonly includes activities such as trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, carving jack-o'-lanterns,bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films.We have collected some of the best Halloween Costumes of celebrities so that you can have more ideas for your costume.Enjoy the collection.
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Kate Upton

Model Kate Upton with sea-green eyes compared with the "ugly duckling" of a fairy tale by Andersen. In adolescence, her figure was far from perfect, but a slight increase in breast and complete lack of panic peers. According to Kate Upton, she prayed every day in the desire to change, and, apparently, God heard her prayers.

Kate Upton was born June 10, 1992 in the small town of St. Joseph Michigan, 97 miles from Chicago and grew up in Melbourne (Florida). As a child, there were no signs that the girl will become a celebrity, and model Kate Upton will invite leading agencies in the world. However, having appeared in the modeling business in 2008, she made a brilliant career. Beauty Kate Upton photo which appeared on the covers of numerous magazines, has received an invitation to cooperate on the world's leading brands of clothes and underwear.
Kate grew up in a family with four children and she - the only girl. Three siblings had an impact on her children's hobbies horses and dogs. About her love of animals Kate often said in an interview. "I grew up with horses and participated in various equestrian sports show," - notes with pride the young lady. She managed to achieve success in equestrian sports, always getting into the twenty leaders. Keith began his speech at the horse Roanie Pony, and together with the second, named Zipped, continued to participate in the championships through 2009, inclusive.
A young Kate Upton biography which is inextricably linked with his family, proud parents and relatives. Her uncle Fred Upton - a representative of one of the districts in the Congress of Michigan.

In 2008, sixteen-year-Kate Upton attended the open casting call in Miami, declared a modeling agency Elite Model Managemen (founded in France in 1972 and based in Paris and New York), and the first day it was signed the contract. From that day the whole life of Kate Upton and her biography turned into a completely different direction. She moved to New York where he signed an agreement with the well-known agency IMG Models.

Kate Upton photo which promote the well-known collection Garage, then Dooney & Bourke, became a celebrity. In 2011, Kate Upton presented a photo in the magazine Sports Illustrated Swimsuit under the heading Rookie of the Year. Sports Illustrated - a weekly American sports magazine published since 1954 and has 25 million readers. Since 1964, annually published edition Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, where supermodel, set on a background of exotic landscapes, promote bathing suits. Young Kate Upton presented a picture in a bathing suit is not worse than it did once Ayrlend Katie, Marisa Miller, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell.Kate presents the brands Victoria's Secret- famous selling lingerie, and Beach Bunny, annually presenting to the audience new swimwear collections.

Young Kate Upton growth is 178 cm - a natural blonde with blue-green eyes. It weighed about 60 kg when the amount of 84-63-92. Sports, but a gentle girl's body, her posture - a consequence not only of beauty, given by nature, but work on yourself. Prior to the modeling business, she studied equestrian sports-related physical activity outdoors. At the age of 13-14 years, Kate has had achievements in sports.

Kate Upton was one of the angels of Victoria's Secret. Is the model obtained for participation in the annual fashion shows lingerie, in which they go on stage with colorful wings. Become an Angel honor, in 2007 he was "singled out" a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In 2011, Kate Upton in the photo is a collection of Beach Bunny Denim, SoBe Beverages touts the slogan Try Everything. June 10, 2011, celebrating its 19th anniversary, she gave an interview with Esquire. Kate Upton in the photo will appear in the journal zeal masters of photography Hyubel April and Kanneta Capello.
Model Kate Upton is promising, its growth in the modeling world is obvious. She constantly receives offers to shoot for magazines and advertising. Interested in the beauty of a new brand of underwear Jenna Leigh. Edition of Esquire has assigned it the name of the girl the summer of 2011 - "The Woman of the Summer".
Kate Upton appeared on the photo for the new issue of the magazine Complex. For the photo shoot she had to be reincarnated as a resident of the village. She milked the cow and wore peasant subjects goods, but for her there was nothing but a bikini.
Model Kate Upton - a real discovery in 2011. It is seductive and charming. The number of fans and the value of contracts is growing every day.

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