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Thursday, February 9, 2012

10 most beautiful gesture of love on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show love and affection, your half. No need to show up at a TV program or to write in the sky "I love you"! Psychologists say that small gestures are what matter most and strengthens a relationship. I can buy that you know exactly what she wants, but material things pale in comparison with the most sincere gesture of love. Here's what you do for him / her.
 A. Turn yourself in that special place where you meet! Remember how excited you were when you reached for the first time. Write your feelings on paper! Experience the most beautiful experiences taken together. Visit places that carry special memories for you. It is important to revive the past in every stage of your relationship.

Two. May keep things from the beginning of your relationship? letters, notes, funny or sexy ... or even made ​​pressed flower petals. Read your declarations of love during a romantic dinner. You will wake up laughing and redness you, thinking of when you have designed.
 Three. Spend a daily diary page! Show him how to love / to you of her / him, writing a daily diary page qualities you can find the boyfriend / lover / you. The list will not be long at first. You can start this "task" with two weeks of Valentine's Day. You'll notice that each day you will find one great thing. For example: "I woke up this morning with the most wonderful person in the world." Do not forget to pass on, he will feel flattered / a when you read them.

Four. Create an album of memories! Find pictures of you two or your partner alone. Put your skill to the test and a card Make their oversized, with pictures that have special significance for your half. You ripped even a postcard online. Will be a treasure for years!
 Five. Spend your song! Each couple has his favourite song. There may be even song you heard at your first meeting or the one you first danced. Let them make a CD with your favourite songs, putting it on the most important on top of the list. Or call the local radio station or one that you know your partner listen to him in the car and ask him to put song DJ, dedicating him.

6. Free forums romantic for your partner! Start this early work to be thick until February 14th! Put there a montage of photos, music and poem or give your lover, an email link just on Valentine's Day. Or you can send a power point presentation, which contains a slideshow with your favorite pictures. We squelch / when they will open the computer.

July. Organize and a surprise party! If you know the wind is given by party sites and does not enjoy quite as much coins in two, you can organize a themed party. "Romance" of course! Garnish apartment with balloons and heart-shaped chocolates and called his closest friends.
 August. Cook them a meal appetizing! Yes ... it says that the road to a man's heart is through his stomach. But why? Women do not eat? It's already time to know what preparations prefer. If you love pasta, and you do not think so skilled / a in the kitchen, do not despair! Internet is full of recipes, which more or less exotic. The effort that you will spend preparing dinner for your partner, make the experience more meaningful to him / her unless you invite him to a restaurant.

September. Coupons pleasure! complete with individual coupons phrases like "a massage at home", "kisses from head to toe" or even for household chores, such as "washing dishes for a week" or "ironing shirts every Friday ". Throw them in one bowl and have fun, extracting tickets. Regardless of coupon choice but to fulfill the task.

10. Get a wife! Studies show that most marriage proposals happen to "Valentine's Day". Framework and how they want to do, keep you and your imagination. The idea is that everything is as original sis to have a personal touch. Will be a marriage proposal on who will remember a lifetime.

Cupid reminds you to:
Do the day of Saint Valentine, an unforgettable one!
Visit places together at the beginning of your relationship.
Do not let your partner forget any moment how important it is for you.
I always say "I love you" |

10 signs that he is about to ask you!

You wonder if your boyfriend has recently been the jewel, a diamond ring looking for you? Or ... if he dared to ask the big question, you lick? Regardless of which camp you belong to, is your right to know what you expect! Here are the 10 warning signs of great wedding:
 A. It bears very nervous craves attention. One of the biggest signs that it is ready to make you his bride can read in the sudden change of attitude. Is nervous, panic and sweat often ... Obviously! It's ready for the big step, so that errant.
 Two. Is more active around the house. Suddenly, you prepare copious who makes his bed put the toothpaste cap. Who is this wonderful man and what he did with Trantor ... sorry, your boyfriend? All men are prepared to ask the big question, unless you are sure rapsunsul is "Yes". And to be sure of this, will try to show how prepared you are for domestic life.

Three. Put money aside. Diamonds are woman's best friend and worst enemy of your partner's bank account. Not necessarily getting into the discussion about the costs of weddings ... So if your lover hand-wide, suddenly turned into Ebenezer Scrooge, definitely raise money for something permanent.

Four. All plans of starting with "New". If instead of "I" or "mine", conversations start with "we", "ours", it is clear he wants to leave the bachelor world, faster than expected.
Five. Organize family meetings more often. It is becoming increasingly enthusiastic about the holidays and birthdays. Indeed, offers to both families gather at the table. Is at least strange! Recently, he goes to football with your brother and the best shopping partner of your father. definitely bake a marriage proposal.
6. Easy, easy to give up the bachelor inside. evening of Tuesday, before the evening of poker with the poor, your evening turned into films. Prefer to go shopping with you than with George for a beer. wants to show you that makes everything more fun time together!

July. Much more attention to weddings that go together. If until now the only thing that excited interest at a wedding, bar drinks was ... lately, watch every move the couple. Criticism serving or dance the bride is carefully the chromatic decoration and ask for information about wedding cake maker. Indeed, encourages you to catch the bouquet. If you taste a wedding more than usual, it is clear that one's thinking about.

August. You can find it search through your jewelry box. ring is not your favorite place or your best friend began to wonder circumference of your ring finger? It is a clear sign that a marriage proposal is ongoing. Be careful and remarks like: "I heard that platinum diamond ring is in vogue now!"

September. He wants to talk about the future.Wants to know where you see in the next five years, how many children you wish to have and how you want your home to be the new. Believe us the word, it's time to practice your new signature.

10. Plan an unexpected holiday. And now ... the largest and most immediate sign that you will ask the wife! Make plans that involve sudden vague explanations, little secrets or hidden sheet offers trips under the bed ... Prepare your suitcase for a ring and pre-honeymoon!


Valentine's Day Red Dress

Valentine's Day is approaching and you want to look spectacular for your lover.If all goes according to plan:your boyfriend will give you the gift you want it for a long time, and you will answer them in an ultra-sexy way.We have Collected some of best Valentine's day Apparels for you..Have a look :) 

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos, a Greek, was born on June 8, 1978 in the city of Medford Massachusetts, USA. At seventeen , Maria Menounos joined the company Dunkin 'Donuts, but, not wanting to stay on a routine, monotonous work, Mary decided to start her modeling career.
In 1995, the year she won the title of "Young Miss Massachusetts." A year later, the future actress took part in the competition "Young Miss America" ​​and hit the top ten most beautiful young models, the United States. In the year 2000 , Maria Menounos participated in adult competition "Miss America" ​​became the first vice-miss, which gave impetus to her career in television. She began working broadcaster Channel One News, led the program to the students.

In 2002, the year Maria went to work for the channel Entertainment Tonight where the observer of fashion, music and movies, and later became a representative of the channel MTV and VH1. In the year 2005 , Maria Menounos became a special correspondent for Access Hollywood, later worked on the program Today Show.
Maria Menounos hot
Mary developed a parallel career as an actress. She starred in television series such as Scrubs,Without a Trace, One Tree Hill and in the movie Fantastic Four. In addition, in the year 2005 , Maria Menounos voiced the video game From Russia with Love and became the company's advertising company Pantene.
Maria Menounos twice fell into the ratings survey AskMen.com in the top 99 most desirable women in the world, on the 5th place - in the year 2006 and the 8th place - in the 2007th year. Maria also won the title of Cyber ​​Vixen of the Year in the channel Spike TV, beating Jessica Alba and Charlize Theron .
Maria Menounos is a passionate cheerleaders wrestling once she even acted as producer of the TV show Charles in Charge, which took place in the program in the Tribeca Film Festival in the 2007th year.
Now Maria Menounos continues to work on television and in the movies. Among her latest works - a role in the movie Kickin It Old Skool.
Maria Menounos bikini
In addition, Maria Menounos is actively fighting against AIDS and participate in thematic events.
At one time an actress she was a founder of Cosmo Girl Cup, the prize is presented annually to a group of young people for the creation of the social scene.
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Top Seven Technology Products In 2012

The race starts in January with the Consumer Electronics Show  that takes place in Las Vegas. A month after Barcelona hosts the Mobile World Congress and one to another Apple announcement arrived in the middle of the year with the E3 video game trade fair in the world.But in many cases are the same products, with an occasional improvement, they compete over 12 months.And although there's probably some surprise around the corner, here we share products try to conquer the gold medal in 2012.

The little green android has conquered the world in just three years to dominate the smartphone market and going slowly in the tablets. The thing will not change this year.
With the arrival of the latest version of your OS (4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich), Google has mixed software for tablets and smartphone that has received positive reviews.So this year we will see even more phones and especially tablets with Ice Cream Sandwich. But will it be enough to dethrone the iPhone?

For those who took for dead laptops, should be reminded that the new fashion is ultralaptops, mobile computers ultra thin and ultra light.From a fashion imposed by Apple's Macbook Air, there have been some of these other portable work stations whose central feature is aesthetic.
Expect to see in the coming months thereof, with or without hard disk and with or without DVD.The laptop is not dead, he was partying.

DSLR cameras have a good time on the market, but its popularity was catapulted through the roof in 2011.
In the year that begins it is expected that manufacturers will use this to get more models with resolutions up to 20 mega pixels.
If this does not convince them know they also are expected to include social networking and integrated maps.Time to dust off the lens.

Blizzard, one of the giants of the game, has been cooking the third installment of his series Diablo for over three years testing the patience of the loyal followers of the game.
The adventure, which is located in the fictional realm of Sanctuary has always been known for taking care of every detail of your production so the title was originally supposed to launch in 2011 was delayed to early 2012.

LG will launch at CES 2012 a 55-inch TV with OLED display, a technology that is already used in cell phones, tablets and other devices.
Unlike LCDs require backlight, OLEDs have an organic diode light emission which generates a higher contrast and more light to the screen.Also, if you can believe it-, manufacturers will continue betting on 3D TVs so far have not had great sales, but will continue to be sold to consumers.Will they finally succeed?

iPAD3 and Apple iTV
We now enter the realm of Apple rumors. As we know the company's Cupertino, California generally does not give many details of the products launched in the year.

But all bets indicate that the third version of the iPhone hit the shelves in the first half of the year.More than a revolutionary commitment, it is believed that the new tablet will be an evolution of the iPad 2, faster and lighter. But surely will lack USB ports and other connectivity options beyond the Apple accessories.
A riskier bet is that the company will launch Apple iTV, your internet television model.The device, according to rumours, recognize gestures and users be synchronized with other Apple devices. Through it you could watch TV, videos and movies, and listen to music.Steve Jobs told his official biographer who wanted the device was easy to use: "Finally I succeeded," he said.

Since the arrival of Kinect, a Microsoft product had not generated much excitement. 2012 will see the arrival of the new version of the company's flagship OS, Windows 8.
Designed to support a wide range of microprocessors, Windows 8 is thinking like a computer software for both keyboard and mouse to touch screens.Since the company led by Steve Ballmer showed some progress, the anticipation for their arrival has been overwhelmingly positive.The system is a 180 degree change the look of Windows and could be installed in devices that already exist and have another operating system.Microsoft strikes back.
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