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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Top Seven Technology Products In 2012

The race starts in January with the Consumer Electronics Show  that takes place in Las Vegas. A month after Barcelona hosts the Mobile World Congress and one to another Apple announcement arrived in the middle of the year with the E3 video game trade fair in the world.But in many cases are the same products, with an occasional improvement, they compete over 12 months.And although there's probably some surprise around the corner, here we share products try to conquer the gold medal in 2012.

The little green android has conquered the world in just three years to dominate the smartphone market and going slowly in the tablets. The thing will not change this year.
With the arrival of the latest version of your OS (4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich), Google has mixed software for tablets and smartphone that has received positive reviews.So this year we will see even more phones and especially tablets with Ice Cream Sandwich. But will it be enough to dethrone the iPhone?

For those who took for dead laptops, should be reminded that the new fashion is ultralaptops, mobile computers ultra thin and ultra light.From a fashion imposed by Apple's Macbook Air, there have been some of these other portable work stations whose central feature is aesthetic.
Expect to see in the coming months thereof, with or without hard disk and with or without DVD.The laptop is not dead, he was partying.

DSLR cameras have a good time on the market, but its popularity was catapulted through the roof in 2011.
In the year that begins it is expected that manufacturers will use this to get more models with resolutions up to 20 mega pixels.
If this does not convince them know they also are expected to include social networking and integrated maps.Time to dust off the lens.

Blizzard, one of the giants of the game, has been cooking the third installment of his series Diablo for over three years testing the patience of the loyal followers of the game.
The adventure, which is located in the fictional realm of Sanctuary has always been known for taking care of every detail of your production so the title was originally supposed to launch in 2011 was delayed to early 2012.

LG will launch at CES 2012 a 55-inch TV with OLED display, a technology that is already used in cell phones, tablets and other devices.
Unlike LCDs require backlight, OLEDs have an organic diode light emission which generates a higher contrast and more light to the screen.Also, if you can believe it-, manufacturers will continue betting on 3D TVs so far have not had great sales, but will continue to be sold to consumers.Will they finally succeed?

iPAD3 and Apple iTV
We now enter the realm of Apple rumors. As we know the company's Cupertino, California generally does not give many details of the products launched in the year.

But all bets indicate that the third version of the iPhone hit the shelves in the first half of the year.More than a revolutionary commitment, it is believed that the new tablet will be an evolution of the iPad 2, faster and lighter. But surely will lack USB ports and other connectivity options beyond the Apple accessories.
A riskier bet is that the company will launch Apple iTV, your internet television model.The device, according to rumours, recognize gestures and users be synchronized with other Apple devices. Through it you could watch TV, videos and movies, and listen to music.Steve Jobs told his official biographer who wanted the device was easy to use: "Finally I succeeded," he said.

Since the arrival of Kinect, a Microsoft product had not generated much excitement. 2012 will see the arrival of the new version of the company's flagship OS, Windows 8.
Designed to support a wide range of microprocessors, Windows 8 is thinking like a computer software for both keyboard and mouse to touch screens.Since the company led by Steve Ballmer showed some progress, the anticipation for their arrival has been overwhelmingly positive.The system is a 180 degree change the look of Windows and could be installed in devices that already exist and have another operating system.Microsoft strikes back.
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