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Thursday, August 25, 2011

iPhone 5 Complete Review

iPhone 5
Name of the iPhone certainly is not foreign to us instead? Yes, Apple's smartphone output. Lately a lot of rumors about the launch of the latest version of the continuing success of the iPhone 4, which is likely to be named the iPhone 5. The news release is increasingly strong. An iPhone in Italy website even says that the iPhone 5 will be released beginning in the United States on 5 September 2011 later.
iphone five
A blog that discusses technology Boy Genius Report says that Apple will work with AT & T in the marketing of the iPhone 5 later. The blog also stated that Apple increased the number of employees at Apple Store to anticipate the demand for the iPhone 5.
iPhone 5 Pictures
Of the many rumors circulating say that the iPhone will use that as chips used in computers, so the iPhone 5 could work faster. But there are also rumors saying that the iPhone will use near field communication chip technology (NFC). Still according to rumors also Praise be to iPhone 5 will have with 8 Mpx camera. The size of the resolution is certainly bigger than the previous resolution on the iPhone 4.
the iphone 5
Meanwhile, according to the Times Chine, iPhone 5 will wear 4 inch screen bees. This makes the iPhone screen is wider than iPhone 4 that uses only 3.5 inch screen. There are also rumors saying that the iPhone 5 dual core processor Apple will use the A5. The processors that offer computing speeds up to nine times that of Apple's A4, the processor first buried in the iPad 2.
iphone 5 2011
According to this source-Digi times, the iPhone is not as good as rumored at this time. There will not be a complete overhaul in the latest generation iPhone five later. There was little improvement when compared with the iPhone 4. This is similar to the iPhone 3G is no significant change from its predecessor, the iPhone 3G. Let's wait what will be famous like Tablet Best Cheap Android Honeycomb, when, where and what exactly the iPhone 5.

Leather case for the iPad 2

Once again, the designers and developers have tried to create iLuv cover for iPad tablet and did not disappoint the growing audience of admirers. Buyers production unit from Apple is well known for the brand under the name of which produced the most stunning accessories for iPad, iPod, iPhone. The latest sensational inventions included: Docking station iMM190 App Station, which turned the smartphone from Apple's All-acoustic device, and musical cover MusicPac iPad Speaker Case, equipped with powerful speakers and volume control.
Another novelty was the leather case iLuv iCK826, combining stylish design, practicality and functionality. Like its metal "colleague" Aluminium Keyboard Buddy Case, Case has a hardware keyboard, which makes it much easier typing and working with it. The user can send email, enjoy spending time in the network, create and edit notes with even greater convenience, thanks to plug-in keyboard.
Successfully competes with manufacturers of plug-bluetooth-keyboard, built-in covers for the iPad 2, the cooperation of firms and ZAGGfolio Logitech (eg model Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG for iPad 2).
Despite the huge variety of models of bluetooth-keyboards, is quite problematic pick up that option, that will suit you. But this time the iLuv iCK826 is a happy exception, successfully combining all the advantages. Keypad buttons are pleasant to the touch, are made ​​from high quality plastic and have the same mechanism of action, which is used in laptops. This provides the required response time, reliability and durability. A total of 81 key keyboard housed.
Stand has an additional area for the wrists, made with all the requirements of ergonomics. The surface of the accessory is made of leather, which makes him not only a beautiful view, but also provides resistance to external damage.The keypad can be removed from the case and, if necessary, replace the other. Keeps it with Velcro and can be removed without problems. Battery lets you work with the tablet about thirty days at no additional charge, which is a significant parameter in the selection of accessories.
In the active use of the device can run for 5 days. used to charge USB-port that allows you to eat from a computer or power adapter. Case has all the necessary cutouts for connectors devices that can be attached to the Tablet PC. ILuv iCK826 also has two positions: horizontal, print, and diagonal for viewing images and video files. For the tablet can be easily connected camera, for which there is a special place in the bag.
On the official websites of implementing iLuv iCK826, cover can be purchased for $ 130. However, due to transportation, dispatch and customs clearance through the border, the cost of enhancement increases and a half to two times.

(iPhone 4) Gold and platinum diamond iPhone c

Jewelry Company Goldgenie, rooted in the UK, has shown an incredible series of expensive and very elegant iPhone 4. Called the series - "Superstar iPhone", it included nine species of the beloved cell phone from Apple. All 9 encrusted iPhones lots of amazing purity diamond VS1, building "luxury" of smartphone are made of 18 carat gold and platinum.
Of course, of a luxury iPhone 4 - is severely restricted. The cost of mobile phone depends on the metal from which the body is made and inlaid with diamonds.
Price of the cheapest iPhone 4 body is made ​​of 18 carat gold, 4995 pounds. Called a model - Superstar Gold, and has on-board 32 GB of internal memory. Superstar Platinum - the most expensive iPhone 4 in a series of 'Superstar iPhone", he also has 32 ​​GB of internal memory, but his body is made ​​of solid platinum and adorned with diamonds on the rim of the frequency of VS1, weighing 6.47 carats, logo, Apple, on the rear panel is made also diamond weighing 1 carat. The cost of this miracle of 13 495 pounds.
If you have lying around spare 8 - 22 000 U.S. greenbacks - safely run to buy. Quantity is limited to 250 th magnificent iPhone, attached to each certificate of authenticity and "turn-key box." For comparison - the expensive diamond iPad cost 20 000 $.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 Funky Ways to Dress Wonderful Bridesmaids

You wedding ensemble was chosen amidst great deliberation, and the wedding day is the bride’s time dazzle. But although the spotlight is on you, you’ll have more fun if you share the attention and include others in your fun! Let your trusty bridesmaids shine in their dresses too. Choosing unique gowns that incorporate your chosen colors and compliment your own dress can be lots of fun, and will add style and flair to your celebration.
10 Funky Ways to Dress Wonderful Bridesmaids
Here are 10 ways to choose bridesmaids dresses that are pretty, stylish, and definitely not typical.

1. Pick a Pattern:
This bride chose cheery red-and-white-striped frocks from Anthropologie (who doesn’t love Anthropologie?) and red satin wedges for a look that’s chic and quite different!

2. Follow the Rainbow:
Instead of dressing all the bridesmaids in the same color, create a rainbow with maids in varying shades! These cocktail-length wrap dresses from Calypso look good enough to eat (they remind me of sorbet)! The bride even bought one for herself!

3. Don’t blend in:
Red is always a popular color, but this eye-catching shade is quite uncommon. The persimmon red of these gowns is inspired by the bride’s favorite flower, the bird-of-paradise.

4. Mix ‘n’ Match it:
This funky bride put her maid of honor and three bridesmaids in tangerine silk tricotine dresses from J.Crew. Her nieces, who served as honorary bridesmaids, wore coordinating patterned dresses in tangerine, aqua, and chocolate brown.

5. Add Interesting Accessories:
These custom-designed, emerald green, satin gowns (by Raul McGinnis) are accessorized with green hair jewelry and flower boas made of ivy garland and off-white hydrangeas. Unusual and very glamorous!

6. Complimentary Colors:
Mixing two complimentary colors makes a bold statement. These maids wore two-piece Alfred Angelo A-line dresses in pink, with green sashes.

7. Cool Cover-ups:
Add matching wraps in case of cool weather. This bride was lucky enough to have her mother’s friend knit all these lightweight ponchos to go with the dresses. In addition to being practical, they are quite pretty and feminine.

8. Go with the Theme:
If your wedding has a theme, like this 60’s-styled celebration, get your bridesmaids to dress the part! These four bridesmaids (including the bride’s mother, the matron of honor) add to the fun by wearing short white dresses with pretty scarves and white go-go boots.

9. Take a cue from the Bride:
Don’t be afraid to dress your attendants in white, especially if yours is a summer wedding. The purple ribbon on these dresses differentiates between the bride and the maids… as if that extraordinary, glowing aura is not enough to announce “here comes the bride!”

10. Dare to Re-wear:
Now here’s an idea for the truly daring bride: How about letting your bridesmaids wear a dress that they actually will wear again?! This considerate bride had two criteria for her bridesmaids’ dresses: simple and comfortable. These brown Mark Shale dresses are classic, flattering, and most definitely re-wearable.

10 Funky Ways to Dress Wonderful Bridesmaids

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Funky Wrist Bands

Funky Wrist Bands - The wristbands are really comfy and will add a little funk to any ensemble. Brightly colored, rubbery wrist bands are an affordable fashion jewelry trend.

Wristbands are worn on the wrist made up of a variety of materials depending upon the purpose. Wristbands are made up of a variety of materials ranging from leather, paper and even silicone. Wristbands are also used to support a charitable cause.

Funky Wrist Bands
Nowadays color wristbands are also available which symbolize support for specific event. For example, black wristbands are used by people who have lost their loved ones in the army, whereas brown wristbands are used to support anti-domestic abuse organizations. These wristbands help volunteers to realize a sense of identity and unity, inspiring others to join in the relief campaign. Sometimes political parties also use wristbands to differentiate between supporters and opponents as well. This helps them to control the crowd easily and inform the audience of their seating location, depending on which political party they intend to support. White wristbands are used by the members of the world health organization which makes them instantly recognizable.

Funky Hair Style

This look is funky and daring, and offers alot of room for individuality. Good backcombing skills are a must to create the volume in this hair style.

Use a hair wax, clay, or paste, something with a little grit, and a little hold.

Emulsify the product in your hands so there’s a thin veil of product all over your palms and between your fingers. Then plunge right in there and move the hair around with an eye out for an appealing shape.

Don’t strive for perfection, but do aim for an “artful” feel, and some sort of discernible shape. And a good hair spray is a must to hold this funky hair style in place.

Funky Hair Style

Funky Beyonce's Sunglasses

Funky Beyonce's Sunglasses - This is a screen shot from her latest video “Diva”. Beyonce Sasha Fierce looks like she’s on the moon with those hideous glasses. Oh, B it’s time to come back to reality, and the reality is that those “glasses” you’re wearing have to GO. I can smell a new trend though — I’m sure divalicious girls will start wearing them everywhere. The world picked up on Kanye’s glasses trend, I don’t see why it’d be different now.

Funky Beyonce's Sunglasses

Christian Dior & Gucci Fashion Shows Makeup Trend 2011

Pat McGrath know as the “Queen of the Makeup” for the Christian Dior ready-to-wear fashion show re-invented the famous “couture faces” from 2004, with extremely pronounced eye.

Christian Dior & Gucci Fashion Shows Makeup Trend 2011
Christian Dior & Gucci Fashion Shows Makeup Trend 2011

In its recent version, the concept of the look maintains modern accents. “The whole makeup is glowy, natural, fresh” with smokey eyes, but not as dark as in the previous season; cheeks sculpted with blush for a bronzed effect and lips in brown-ish, chocolaty hues. Strong colors, just as at the Gucci fashion show, where Pat rethought the smokey eyes concept, using a turquoise shade, emphasizing it with a lavish layer of eyeliner and black mascara.

Iridescent makeup has been gaining adherents for a couple of seasons now, but leave it to Pat McGrath to take metallic eyes to the max at Gucci’s Spring 2011 show. In fact, the makeup consolidates the message that the House of Gucci wanted to express through the masculine outfits and bright colors.

“Generally in my work, I’m highly influenced by fabrics, colors used in collections, by the faces of the models and the personality of the designer” says Pat. etallic hues used also on the lips.

Nicole Kidman Funky Hairstyles 2011

Nicole Kidman Funky Hairstyles 2011

Nicole Kidman Funky Hairstyles 2011

This year, curls have made a welcome return to the red carpet, whether it’s a twist on the scrunch-dried curls worn in the ’80s and popularized by Sarah Jessica Parker or the tousled natural spirals worn by Nicole Kidman. Curls always stay in fashion and exude femininity and sex appeal. Wear them angelic or wear them foxy – work with your natural texture to discover your perfect look.

Consider your face shape when it comes to curling your hair. Tight ringlets look great on women with oval or oblong-shaped faces, while looser curls complement rounder faces.

For having newest trendy hairs just floss out your curls by back-combing the mid-sections and to create a ‘halo’ of volume. Keep the sections around the face untouched to keep an element of luxe.

Funky Celebrity Footwear

Charlize Theron

We’ve seen a growing trend of funky footwear on the feet of many Hollywood celebrities over the past few months. Our lead photo is of Charlize Theron. Her shoes certainly qualify and we would be remiss if we didn’t point out that her entire ensemble is edgy in a weird way.

Gwyneth Paltrow seems to have been on the front end of this new trend. She made quite a splash in several major world cities while attending numerous publicity events to herald her latest movie Ironman.
We’ve pulled together a dozen photos of our favorite stars, sporting their own version of ‘fashion forward’ footwear.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian was born in Los Angeles, grew up in Beverly Hills, California. Has Armenian roots (father's side), Scottish and Dutch roots from the mother. On one site, Kim said her sister, that she is half Armenian (a quarter of Armenians in Turkey and a quarter of Russian) and a quarter Scottish and a quarter of Dutch ( So IT Turns out I am Half Armenian (a quarter Turkish and a quarter Russian) and a quarter Scottish and a quarter Dutch! ).
Courtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian - the eldest daughter of attorney Robert Kardashian and Kris Jenner socialite (English), nee Houghton, who is now manager of Kim's sister.Courtney's mother divorced Robert Kardashyanom in 1989 and re-married to a famous former athlete Bruce Jenner (born) in 1991.
Courtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian has two sisters, Chloe and Kim, and brother Rob (English). Also Kourtney has stepbrothers Burton Jenner, Brandon Jenner and star of reality show Brody Jenner (English), stepsister Casey Jenner and half-sister Kendall (English) and Kylie Jenner (born).
kourtney kardashian and scott
Courtney Kardashian attended private Catholic school for girls Marymount High School. After graduation, she moved to Dallas for 2 years to study at the University of Southern Toolkit. Then moved to Tucson, Arizona, where he entered the University of Arizona, graduating with a degree of theater arts and Spanish language. Her classmates were Nicole Richie and Luke Walton.
Kourtney with her ​​mother opened a children's clothing boutiques in Los Angeles and New York called "The Kiss" (Smooch), in which things are sold brand Crib Rock Couture . Together with Kim and Chloe owns and operates a women's clothing boutique DASH in the suburbs of Los Angeles and Miami, which opened in early 2009.
Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney and Chloe starred in his own reality show Kourtney and Khlo? Take Miami », in which the main space is devoted their lives to a new city and opening a boutique in Miami. Kourtney also starred in the reality show «Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive» in 2005 to raise money for charity. Was seen in some other shows and series in the role itself.Kourtney Kardashian Mason is the son of Dash Disik, which she had born December 14, 2009 from the present boyfriend Scott Disika.
 kourtney kardashian photos
kourtney kardashian photos
kourtney kardashian photos
 kourtney kardashian
Courtney kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ali Larter

Ali Larter

Ali Larter went from being a celebrity babe prancing around in Los Angeles. Ali’s post-pregnancy body is sexier than ever, and she freaking knows it, which is why she shows off a whole lot of sexy skin and bodacious curves every chance she gets.

Ali Larter | Roaming Around in Los Angeles

Ali Larter | Roaming Around in Los Angeles

Ali Larter | Roaming Around in Los Angeles

Ali Larter | Roaming Around in Los Angeles
Ali Larter | Roaming Around in Los Angeles

Ali Larter | Roaming Around in Los Angeles

Ali Larter 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Whitney Port Fashion Trends

beautiful artist of Whitney Port Whitney Port Fashion Style
Whitney Port is one of those who participated and played an important role in the field of clothing designers, writers, and is one of the characters or known television star in America. artist who was born in Los angeles is a very young artist, because he was born in 1985, Whitney Port has a dazzling beauty, and of course every man will love it. Then he stepped into one of the colleges are located in California, and then graduated in 2007, and later earned a gender studies. Whitney Port also worked at one of the fashion magazines ( Teen Vogue ) to prove the superiority of his talent so that it can compete well with other people. Whitney Port has a major role in the development and progress of the world model. Next we look at some pictures of Whitney Port.
Beauty Whitney Port Whitney Port Fashion Style
clothing designers of Whitney Port Whitney Port Fashion Style
feminine style Whitney Port Whitney Port Fashion Style
simple appearance of Whitney Port Whitney Port Fashion Style
Whitney Port young artist Whitney Port Fashion Style
whitney port clothes Whitney Port Fashion Style
Whitney Port fashion style ideas Whitney Port Fashion Style
Whitney Port fashion style Whitney Port Fashion Style
Whitney Port Model Whitney Port Fashion Style
Whitney Port of Whitney Port Whitney Port Fashion Style
Whitney Port of world model Whitney Port Fashion Style
whitney port picture Whitney Port Fashion Style
Whitney Port smile Whitney Port Fashion Style
whitney port style Whitney Port Fashion Style
Whitney Port with Red Clothes Whitney Port Fashion Style
Whitney Port yellow drees Whitney Port Fashion Style
Whitney PortCalifornia Whitney Port Fashion Style
Whitney Port Whitney Port Fashion Style

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Rosie Huntington Whiteley
Stunning and sexy Rosie Huntington Whiteley was born 18 April 1987 in England, and grew up on her parents country farm.She started modelling for Victoria's Secret in 2006 and was officially named one of the lingerie company's "Angels" in November 2009. Her first film role will be as "Carly", replacing Megan Fox as Sam's new love interest in the third instalment of the Transformers series: Transformers: Dark of the Moon.The movie is going to be released today on 29th June 2011.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Rosie Huntington Whiteley
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