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Thursday, August 25, 2011

(iPhone 4) Gold and platinum diamond iPhone c

Jewelry Company Goldgenie, rooted in the UK, has shown an incredible series of expensive and very elegant iPhone 4. Called the series - "Superstar iPhone", it included nine species of the beloved cell phone from Apple. All 9 encrusted iPhones lots of amazing purity diamond VS1, building "luxury" of smartphone are made of 18 carat gold and platinum.
Of course, of a luxury iPhone 4 - is severely restricted. The cost of mobile phone depends on the metal from which the body is made and inlaid with diamonds.
Price of the cheapest iPhone 4 body is made ​​of 18 carat gold, 4995 pounds. Called a model - Superstar Gold, and has on-board 32 GB of internal memory. Superstar Platinum - the most expensive iPhone 4 in a series of 'Superstar iPhone", he also has 32 ​​GB of internal memory, but his body is made ​​of solid platinum and adorned with diamonds on the rim of the frequency of VS1, weighing 6.47 carats, logo, Apple, on the rear panel is made also diamond weighing 1 carat. The cost of this miracle of 13 495 pounds.
If you have lying around spare 8 - 22 000 U.S. greenbacks - safely run to buy. Quantity is limited to 250 th magnificent iPhone, attached to each certificate of authenticity and "turn-key box." For comparison - the expensive diamond iPad cost 20 000 $.
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