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Friday, December 23, 2011

Best Applications in 2011

Apple has made a rating of the best applications and games in the AppStore for 2011!
Top Paid iPhone AppsAngry Birds,Fruit Ninja,Angry Birds Seasons,Cut the Rope,Tiny Wings ,Angry Birds Rio, Words With Friends ,Camera + ,Doodle Jump ,Plants VS. Zombies

The best free iPhone apps:
Facebook ,Pandora Radio ,Words with Friends Free ,Angry Birds Free ,Skype ,Netflix ,Angry Birds Rio Free ,Groupon ,Fruit Ninja Lite ,Twitter
Apple has made its top AppStore applications for 2011!
Best Paid Applications for the iPad:
Angry Birds HD ,Pages ,Angry Birds Seasons ,GarageBand ,Angry Birds Rio HD ,Penultimate ,Fruit Ninja HD ,Cut the Rope HD ,SCRABBLE for iPad ,Keynote
The best free apps for the iPad:
Angry Birds Free HD ,The Weather Channel for iPad ,Netflix ,CNN App for iPad ,Angry Birds Rio HD Free ,Kindle ,Skype for iPad ,Calculator for iPad Free ,Pandora Radio ,Calculator Pro for iPad Free


Last decade, we often hear the word nanotechnology. What is nanotechnology? Of course, everyone has long known that the prefix "nano" means 10 -9 , but I suggest not to examine them in physics, and in fact this term.
So imagine now that you have a child and you have a constructor, which consists of such large blocks. One cube about the size of a cup of 300ml. Do you have red, blue, yellow, green cubes. But they are all approximately the same shape and a large enough size. What can you gather from these blocks? You can make a column or box, or even some simple shape. But you will never be able to collect detailed design, such that allows you to collect, for example, a well-known designer of Lego. So, the designer of the larger blocks are so-called micro, then there are those who are well developed now, but Lego is nanotechnology.
It should be noted that the embodiment of nanotechnology can not be called any substance comprising nano-particles . Nano technologies involve precise manipulation, management and control of these particles. One popular misconception is attributing to the products of nanotechnology. "

That is, nanotechnology should give an opportunity to gather new material atoms. This allows materials to be improved, to allow them to give up this unprecedented properties and finally allow them to become nanomaterials .

Nike's new Air Jordan

 The release of Nike's new Air Jordan basketball shoes have caused a frenzy at stores across the US.
 Nike's new Air Jordan
 Nike's new Air Jordan
 Nike's new Air Jordan
 new Air Jordan
 Nike's new Air Jordan

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston - a talented actress, the stunning star, just a charming woman. Who does not remember it in the image of Rachel from "Friends"? Lively blonde with cute short haircut, which became a hit after the show on television. Or Grace of "Bruce Almighty" with charming curly locks. Or Nicole with a perfect stacking of the "Bounty Hunter".
 Her style is admired not only in films but also on the red carpet. Her hair, no matter what color they are, have always attracted attention for its well kept. I can not remember a scene in which she appeared disheveled hair with a slovenly or makeup. Her hair - an object of admiration and envy of many women.
 Let's look back and see the images that accompanied it during the ascent to fame. 1987 This year, she graduated from art school La Guardia. She is 18 and she is still a natural brunette. 1990 Aniston got roles in the television series "Molloy" and "Ferris Byuler." 1992 At the premiere of the movie "Leprechaun". Jen has changed her hair and changed the hair color to brown with a red hue, reviving his image of the 90th bright lipstick. 1994 This year, Jennifer Aniston won the role of Rachel Green in the fateful series "Friends." 1995 This haircut - Rachel recognizable style. Copied the millions of fans around the world. Stylist Chris McMillan said that just cut beautiful hair Jen to get the right image for her heroine.
 Jennifer Aniston hairstyles
 1997 Newly star, starred in the films "Stealing ideal" and "Picture Perfect." And I decided to change its image, focusing on his bright blue eyes with dark eyeliner. After collecting hair in low ponytail, she opened her face and put emphasis on the eyes more noticeable. 1999 This year, she starred in the movie "Office Space" and appeared on the red carpet ceremony Emmy Awards with disheveled hair, hair that was twisted into dreadlocks artificial . Makeup artist Robin Siegel says: "This image - a reckless, desperate side of  Jennifer Aniston  . Whatever it was, by this way it will never come back. " 2000 Jennifer ventured to do with hair anything unusual, leaving the decision on his haircut stylist and close friend, Chris McMillan. "It was the first and last time I clipped Jen is so short," - said Chris about curling bean Jennifer.
 Jennifer Aniston
 2001 At the annual award People's Choice actress from the movie "Rock Star" comes with a perfectly straightened Bob. 2002 classic image of  Jennifer Aniston: Tanned blond locks, like faded on the sunny beaches of San Francisco, and makeup in warm pink tones. 2003 Light bronze skin and hair color honey emphasis on the azure eyes of the actress, who starred in 2003 film "Bruce Almighty". 2004 This year, Aniston won an award at the annual Golden Globes ceremony. Her hair is arranged in neat curly locks parted on the left side. 2006 make-up artist film "The Break-up" Angela Levin noted that the image is approached Jennifer, it refreshed her, making her even more beautiful skin with neutral warm shades of makeup.
 Jennifer Aniston hairstyles
 2007 "She had a board in the style of the 60s, so we decided to do her hair incredibly straight, so that the image has been completed", - told the stylist Richard Marin. 2009 Jennifer gathered her hair in a pony tail and released a few strands that are gracefully highlighted the shape of her face. 2009 This year, Aniston starred in the film "The Promise - Not That Into You" and introduced a new trend, appearing at the ceremony with Oscar pigtail braided at the base of the hair growth. 2009 At an event held in New York , Jennifer Aniston appeared with natural styling - slicked hair on the right side.
 Jennifer Aniston hairstyles
 2010 Aniston is charming on receipt Golden Globes: curled lock of hair, combed to the right side, the other straight hair, makeup, honey-colored, perfectly matching with the tone of hair star. 2010 Exquisite natural Curly hair Jen emphasized simple hairpin, which recognized one of the locks on the right side. 2010 actress at the premiere of the movie "The Bounty Hunter." An elegant image of actress complemented the collected hair.
 2011 Star film "Pretend my wife" with a new haircut from a stylist Chris MakMilllana: "This hair style can be described as a straight bob below the chin. On such an angular haircut I was inspired by the work and Vidal Sassoon image of Julie Christie film "Shampoo." As you can see from hindsight, Jen frequently changed hairstyles, not always dramatically, but always tasteful. And always, absolutely always, her hair had a healthy, well-groomed appearance. What makes Jen to her hair, no matter what look natural and easy? secret about hair care stylist told Jennifer Aniston - Chris McMillan.

 Jennifer Aniston hairstyles
 Jennifer Aniston hairstyles
Jennifer Aniston
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