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Thursday, February 9, 2012

10 signs that he is about to ask you!

You wonder if your boyfriend has recently been the jewel, a diamond ring looking for you? Or ... if he dared to ask the big question, you lick? Regardless of which camp you belong to, is your right to know what you expect! Here are the 10 warning signs of great wedding:
 A. It bears very nervous craves attention. One of the biggest signs that it is ready to make you his bride can read in the sudden change of attitude. Is nervous, panic and sweat often ... Obviously! It's ready for the big step, so that errant.
 Two. Is more active around the house. Suddenly, you prepare copious who makes his bed put the toothpaste cap. Who is this wonderful man and what he did with Trantor ... sorry, your boyfriend? All men are prepared to ask the big question, unless you are sure rapsunsul is "Yes". And to be sure of this, will try to show how prepared you are for domestic life.

Three. Put money aside. Diamonds are woman's best friend and worst enemy of your partner's bank account. Not necessarily getting into the discussion about the costs of weddings ... So if your lover hand-wide, suddenly turned into Ebenezer Scrooge, definitely raise money for something permanent.

Four. All plans of starting with "New". If instead of "I" or "mine", conversations start with "we", "ours", it is clear he wants to leave the bachelor world, faster than expected.
Five. Organize family meetings more often. It is becoming increasingly enthusiastic about the holidays and birthdays. Indeed, offers to both families gather at the table. Is at least strange! Recently, he goes to football with your brother and the best shopping partner of your father. definitely bake a marriage proposal.
6. Easy, easy to give up the bachelor inside. evening of Tuesday, before the evening of poker with the poor, your evening turned into films. Prefer to go shopping with you than with George for a beer. wants to show you that makes everything more fun time together!

July. Much more attention to weddings that go together. If until now the only thing that excited interest at a wedding, bar drinks was ... lately, watch every move the couple. Criticism serving or dance the bride is carefully the chromatic decoration and ask for information about wedding cake maker. Indeed, encourages you to catch the bouquet. If you taste a wedding more than usual, it is clear that one's thinking about.

August. You can find it search through your jewelry box. ring is not your favorite place or your best friend began to wonder circumference of your ring finger? It is a clear sign that a marriage proposal is ongoing. Be careful and remarks like: "I heard that platinum diamond ring is in vogue now!"

September. He wants to talk about the future.Wants to know where you see in the next five years, how many children you wish to have and how you want your home to be the new. Believe us the word, it's time to practice your new signature.

10. Plan an unexpected holiday. And now ... the largest and most immediate sign that you will ask the wife! Make plans that involve sudden vague explanations, little secrets or hidden sheet offers trips under the bed ... Prepare your suitcase for a ring and pre-honeymoon!

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