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Thursday, February 9, 2012

10 most beautiful gesture of love on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show love and affection, your half. No need to show up at a TV program or to write in the sky "I love you"! Psychologists say that small gestures are what matter most and strengthens a relationship. I can buy that you know exactly what she wants, but material things pale in comparison with the most sincere gesture of love. Here's what you do for him / her.
 A. Turn yourself in that special place where you meet! Remember how excited you were when you reached for the first time. Write your feelings on paper! Experience the most beautiful experiences taken together. Visit places that carry special memories for you. It is important to revive the past in every stage of your relationship.

Two. May keep things from the beginning of your relationship? letters, notes, funny or sexy ... or even made ​​pressed flower petals. Read your declarations of love during a romantic dinner. You will wake up laughing and redness you, thinking of when you have designed.
 Three. Spend a daily diary page! Show him how to love / to you of her / him, writing a daily diary page qualities you can find the boyfriend / lover / you. The list will not be long at first. You can start this "task" with two weeks of Valentine's Day. You'll notice that each day you will find one great thing. For example: "I woke up this morning with the most wonderful person in the world." Do not forget to pass on, he will feel flattered / a when you read them.

Four. Create an album of memories! Find pictures of you two or your partner alone. Put your skill to the test and a card Make their oversized, with pictures that have special significance for your half. You ripped even a postcard online. Will be a treasure for years!
 Five. Spend your song! Each couple has his favourite song. There may be even song you heard at your first meeting or the one you first danced. Let them make a CD with your favourite songs, putting it on the most important on top of the list. Or call the local radio station or one that you know your partner listen to him in the car and ask him to put song DJ, dedicating him.

6. Free forums romantic for your partner! Start this early work to be thick until February 14th! Put there a montage of photos, music and poem or give your lover, an email link just on Valentine's Day. Or you can send a power point presentation, which contains a slideshow with your favorite pictures. We squelch / when they will open the computer.

July. Organize and a surprise party! If you know the wind is given by party sites and does not enjoy quite as much coins in two, you can organize a themed party. "Romance" of course! Garnish apartment with balloons and heart-shaped chocolates and called his closest friends.
 August. Cook them a meal appetizing! Yes ... it says that the road to a man's heart is through his stomach. But why? Women do not eat? It's already time to know what preparations prefer. If you love pasta, and you do not think so skilled / a in the kitchen, do not despair! Internet is full of recipes, which more or less exotic. The effort that you will spend preparing dinner for your partner, make the experience more meaningful to him / her unless you invite him to a restaurant.

September. Coupons pleasure! complete with individual coupons phrases like "a massage at home", "kisses from head to toe" or even for household chores, such as "washing dishes for a week" or "ironing shirts every Friday ". Throw them in one bowl and have fun, extracting tickets. Regardless of coupon choice but to fulfill the task.

10. Get a wife! Studies show that most marriage proposals happen to "Valentine's Day". Framework and how they want to do, keep you and your imagination. The idea is that everything is as original sis to have a personal touch. Will be a marriage proposal on who will remember a lifetime.

Cupid reminds you to:
Do the day of Saint Valentine, an unforgettable one!
Visit places together at the beginning of your relationship.
Do not let your partner forget any moment how important it is for you.
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