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Friday, August 12, 2011

World's Most Unusual Train

Passenger trains are not always so comfortable and pleasant as we would have liked. Most often, this occurs because of design decisions, poorly suited to the needs of passengers. But to train Bombardier Car , a concept developed by Andrey Chirkov , passengers are themselves partly designer's seat.
 Modern trains have little in common with trains that traveled by rail of the world for another ten or twenty years ago. And this can clearly see by reading on our web site survey of the world's most unusual trains . That train of Bombardier designer Andrey Chirkov could easily get into this list. After all, it all made ​​for comfort and convenience of passengers.
The interiors of the train Bombardier Car designed with the view that passengers truly enjoyed their trip, trip, rather than looking at the clock on a regular basis, estimating how much time is left before arriving at the right point to them. First of all, this is achieved at the expense of open space wagon that passengers can use on their need. For example, passenger seats in Bombardier Car will not be stationary. They can be moved from place to place, creating places where one can sit and chat in the company of friends or random fellow travelers.
Those who wish to enjoy the views of nature and cities can do it, setting his comfortable chair near the windows. Each car in the Bombardier Car will have two toilets and two showers. So that passengers will be able to end long trips to be fresh and full of energy.
Those who wish to retire with a book, watching a film or a private conversation, can do it in one of two separate cabins, located in the car. A special machines installed in the car, allow passengers to buy them drinks and food, without going through the conductor or train and restaurant. So every car in the Bombardier Car will be dining cars: convenient, comfortable and customizable.

Of course, the cost of travel in this train will be higher than normal! But many are willing to pay for comfort for a pleasant, but not exhausting trip!

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