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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Amazon introduces a tablet called "Amazon Fire" on 28 Sep

Amazon is going to introduce its own tablet"Amazon Fire" this week, reports Reuters. In New York on 28 September will be an official event at which, as expected, and will show a novelty.
Amazon Fire
Experts agree that the Amazon is much more likely to successfully compete in the market tablets with Apple, as in many others. The gadget can be a serious contender for the iPad, an analyst Sarah Roman Epps from Forester Research.

"Amazon is in a better position than other companies, according to Apple. One of the reasons that it has its own digital store with a huge amount of goods, and markedly increased the number of offers digital content."

Amazon has at its disposal a wide range of electronic content, but for a long time she did not have hardware solutions to encourage customers to purchase. With the advent of tablet device that has access to an online store, users will be able to buy both the content and rent it.
Amazon Fire
According to sources, Reuters, "Amazon Fire" will be running an operating system Google Android. This will be a device with a 9-inch display for $ 250, to which, in contrast to the iPad, not the camera.

The company itself has not even announced that the device exists. However, bloggers from TechCrunch said with certainty that the device will be named as an e-book -Amazon kindle fire. The appearance of the tablet earlier this year, also  hinted at Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

It is expected that the output of "Amazon Fire" will cause a new round of competition between online store and the company from Cupertino.

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