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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

iPhone 5 release date

A telecommunications company in America mistakenly announced date of May we will see what it looks like iPhone

We have all the more reason to believe that October is the month when we finally see the new iPhone on the market in May. The information was confirmed by Vice-known AT & T Telecommunication companies in the U.S., writes slashgear.com.Pana now many have been rumors that have announced iPhone 5He spoke of September 5, but now appeared to say that there is information pertaining to software problems. Speaking to a group of managers, vice-president, whose name was not mentioned, warned that they must "expect things to become very, very busy these 35-50 days, so prepare your teams in accordance with it ". His words fit like a glove over recently published information, which says that the iPhone will be pre-order in late September and stores smartphone to come in on 7 October.

 Other sources say that the product will arrive in Europe in mid-September. iPhone in May is likely, however, be exceeded in volume of sales of other phones present on the market now, with a better price at similar or even more interesting specifications. Based on what has been discussed so far about the iPhone in May, the Chinese have already made a clone of iPhone in May, which sell at an incredible price. Surely the phone is one of the most anticipated gadgets of autumn. Source: SlashGear

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