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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sofia Vergara Pictures

Some time ago babe Sofia Vergara, star of "American Family", claimed that in no way as a mother, but now seems to have changed his opinion on this matter.
According to the portal Daily Mail, the actress, who is preparing to star in an action movie , the actress was spotted buying a special vitamins based on folic acid increase chances of pregnancy and is usually prescribed for women who are already waiting for a child or schedule it. As the portal, Sofia Vergara was in good spirits, although a few looked puzzled, and even smiled at the paparazzi, did not conceal his actions. So, we can conclude that the actress wanted to drop a hint so his intentions.

Well, apparently, looking at your pregnant or have just experienced the joy of motherhood colleagues , actress, and she wanted to feel like a mummy, the more that the years of running, and the best time to do all the time.

 Sofia Vergara pics

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