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Friday, January 27, 2012

7 tips to prepare your skin before your wedding

One of the things we worry about our image for our wedding, the makeup and it looks good, it is imperative to be done before a good skin treatment . If you do not have time to see a beautician, I spent some tips.Whatever the makeup you are going to use your wedding day, is basic and very important that your skin look perfect.

For that, one of the key points is that you have rested well. The days before the wedding can be very stressful, but it is very important to give yourself time to rest because otherwise it will be reflected in your face. I bet you will not want to see you in circles!
Generally, you should see a dermatologist , cosmetologist or esthetician a time before the wedding to advise you on how to protect your skin, especially as you type, much better, if you can get some professional treatment. But if this was not possible, then let's see what you can do at home.

1. First, drink lots of water and eat fruits and vegetables . This is essential because it helps eliminate toxins.

2. The day before your party, makes a very good exfoliation of the skin. It is important that you do the day before, and not the same day, because your face may become irritated. Anyway, I always look hypoallergenic cosmetics.
3. After you've done the peel, apply a good moisturizer .

4. On the day of the wedding, deep cleans your skin with the cleaning product you use forever. It is important not to leave any residue.
5. After cleaning, apply a refreshing tonic in it may contain soothing herbs that will help to tone and relax your skin.
6. Finally, apply a moisturizer according to your skin type. If in doubt, consult a professional to guide you, but where possible it is always advisable that contains vitamin A .
7. If you also have dark circles, and peered through the pre-stress of the preparations, then apply a decongestant gel with vitamin E on the eye area.

Now, your skin is perfectly prepared for the makeup , and a goddess to look like the most important day of your life.What you apply beauty routines? Want to add something? Talk About It!
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