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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Luxury Holiday in Brunei

One of the legends of Brunei states that once all over the country could see the Golden Mount, dazzling in the sunlight. It is because of her small state on Borneo Island was a great treasures. Over time, the mountain disappeared, and jewelry were left, turning Brunei with one of the richest countries in the world. Holidays in Brunei - a chance to visit exotic and crazy world of luxury.

Sultan's Palace
Legend is not too far from the truth - a state rich in a very short period of time after its territory in 1920 were discovered rich deposits of oil and natural gas. The oil rig is one of the symbols of the country - its image is present on many local souvenirs. Chrome f, the tourists can take with them a drop of oil Brunei, enclosed in a glass cube - like a piece of the most legendary "Golden Mountain."
The average annual income of about twenty-five thousand dollars for each person, interest-free loans, free health care and education, the absence of taxes and utility bills, four working days per week, which ends in thirteen hours, wages teachers and doctors - about four thousand dollars - it's all a fairy tale? A pipe dream? Not at all, in the case of Brunei.
On the streets of the capital of Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan, in the guise of local people can not notice any signs of a special being and prosperity. What can be said about the palace of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah - the supreme ruler of the state, endowed with almost full power. His residence was a real symbol of the fantastic, indecent terms of European luxury. One thousand seven hundred eighty-eight rooms, two hundred fifty-seven toilets, twelve luxurious suites, a huge banquet hall at four thousand, eight hundred stables for horses, equipped with air conditioning, a golf course - is no coincidence that the palace is listed in Guinness World Records in several categories.

A special pride of the monarch - a collection of cars (two thousand eight hundred seventy-nine machines), among them - all the champion of Formula 1 race cars since 1980. If you end up in Brunei, the Sultan's birthday (he celebrated fifteenth of July) or at the end of the three-day Muslim fast - there's a chance to visit the palace and to see his fabulous luxury.

Gold under our feet
Arriving in the richest country in the world, it is difficult to cope with the desire to plunge into an atmosphere of chic and richness of at least a few days. This can be done, he settled at The Empire Hotel and Country Club, which is considered the most expensive in the world. The construction cost the treasury about two and a half billion dollars. The hotel began to build in the early 1990s, the organization engaged in the construction of Geoffrey, the brother of the sultan, who always had a great love of luxurious and expensive things. For example, it was he who bought the diamond, "Esprit" for three hundred ninety-eight million dollars, and the carpet with gold threads (its value - is "only" eight million dollars).
An irresistible craving for luxury Jeffrey is also reflected in the construction of a new hotel. Gold door knobs, buttons, air conditioning, a mosaic on the floor of the pool and even a brush for cleaning the toilet, English silver utensils, to a real Chinese silk wall hangings, Paris porcelain - not a complete list of impressive entourage stay in this hotel. We can also add the world's largest salt-water pool (area of more than eleven thousand square feet), a beautiful golf course and other entertainment for the guests. Among them were Bill Clinton and the King of Jordan, President of Indonesia, and even Vladimir Putin - at that time (2000), yet the president of Russia.
Luxury holidays at The Empire Hotel and Country Club requires and entertainment to choose refined and aristocratic. Such, no doubt, can be attributed Dzherudong Park. This kind of entertainment and sports complex, which is under the personal patronage of the Sultan. Here are the top-notch golf courses, stadiums, polo, golf croquet and other facilities, and behind the park is spread very picturesque beach Dzherudong Beach with excellent infrastructure.
Brunei is sometimes called the Islamic Disneyland, and not surprising, as it is - this country of wonders, fairy magic and luxury touch that dream of everyone.
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