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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The most luxurious tour of the world

In September 2009, construction began on luxury resort, which promises to be the most expensive in the world - Doll House in Scotland.Vacationing here will only members of the exclusive club after making the minimum payment - million dollars a year. It is assumed that one night here will cost not less than thirty thousand dollars. The resort will consist of a hotel, SPA-center, golf club, medical clinic, concert hall, as well as numerous places to relax on the shore of the sparkling lake.While the first line in the ranking of the most luxurious tour of the world occupied by other resorts and hotels, but maybe in the near future the situation will change.

Resorts for the elite
The business magazine Forbes publishes rankings of the most expensive resorts. Among them are invariably Spanish private island Isla de sa Ferradura (Horseshoe).
It is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is associated with a small isthmus of Ibiza. The owner of "Horseshoe" spent ten years and forty millions of dollars to create a real piece of paradise only to fifteen people. The island can be rented and fully, it will cost hundred and sixty thousand euro per week.
Thirty thousand dollars for one night will have to give, going to a resort Necker Island.In 1982 the island became a millionaire Richard Branson, to lie down with your family, and the rest of the rent four luxury villas. No less a luxury and will stay on the island of Musha Cay, which is part of the Bahamian archipelago. Five villas in the colonial style, complete with saunas, private beach, pool, fantastic food and drink, stunning scenery - it is a pleasure not less than twenty-five thousand dollars per night.
Necessarily present in the Forbes list and resort The Rania Experience, located in the Maldives. Each of the nine people would have to pay not less than ten thousand dollars for a night stay at this price included not only the services of a personal chef, but also riding yacht. Slightly more will have to give tourists a night in the mansion Casa Contenta, where at various times rested Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Julio Iglesias.

Exclusive hotels:

The most expensive hotels in the world is not always located in the resorts. For example, a night at the Swiss hotel apartments "President Wilson Hotel" guest will have to pay forty thousand dollars. This room has a floor and consists of four bedrooms, five bathrooms with a Jacuzzi, several lounges, a billiard room, library and a terrace with fountains. The rooms with bulletproof glass overlooking the Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva.
However, most luxurious suites of the world known luxury The Royal Villa, located at the Grand Resort Lagoniss in Athens (the cost of the night - about fifty thousand dollars). This apartment overlooking the Aegean Sea, which consists of several bedrooms, a living room, kitchen with room for staff, private pool with Jacuzzi and private beach. Rooms are also offered services of a personal butler, driver and pianist.
One of the most expensive hotels in the world is and hotel in the form of sails Burj Al Arab in the UAE (also called a symbol of Dubai), which awarded seven stars. All of its two hundred and two rooms - two-storey suites, night at the posh one is worth about nineteen thousand dollars.Coverage of this unique structure is made ​​of special fabric, which is projected at night light show. Guests can take advantage of the helicopter and Rolls-Royce with a chauffeur. About the same amount will have to pay for living in a penthouse hotel Martinez (Cannes), which has a separate terrace of seven hundred square meters with Jacuzzi.
Of course, afford to stay in such hotels are only those who are not concerned about the cost of leisure. But at least dreams of one night in such a room available to everyone - who knows, but suddenly one day wish is granted?
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