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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rules of Slimming

If you're determined to get rid of extra pounds, you should know: in fact, nothing could be simpler. You will need perseverance and a sensible approach to the problem, and the result will not wait: you become healthier, younger, lighter, more flexible and resilient.  The basic formula for success - do not overload yourself with unnecessary calories and move more. Willpower and discipline are dependent on you, but we are ready to arm everyone tips to help you achieve the desired goal without compromising the health and wallet. So, before you "Golden Rules for those who want to become leaner."  Eat pravilno.Stremites to ensure that your diet was as full of useful products, and minimize harmful.

This extremely simple and reasonable measure can help get rid of a few pounds, because from your desk disappear products deep processing, foods containing preservatives, sweets, meats ... Let your motto from now on will be: "A full meal without much harm!"  Do not starve yourself. Severely restricting caloric intake does not lead to weight loss. Often, such a measure leads to a slowing of metabolism: the body begins to operate in the conservation of calories. Most likely, you will need reasonable limits, but much depends on lifestyle, such as addition and other purely individual factors. The average daily ration should contain at least 1500-1800 calories.  Do not put on the plate too much. Serve fish, meat or chicken, eaten at one time shall not exceed the size of a deck of cards (less than 100 g). If your plate adorned more impressive in size structure, it is likely that you overeat.
Drinks are also high in calories.Very often visits us a false sense of what is eaten very little food, but how much is drunk at the same time, completely falls out of memory. All drinks, except water, contain calories: this should be remembered, even when you reach out for a drink of juice. A glass of wine contains, depending on the variety, 120-180 cal. Particularly high nutritional value is different beers. Carbonated beverages, among other things, are composed of artificial sweeteners, which are harmful to health and increase the desire to consume food rich in carbohydrates. If you really want a hot drink better to choose a green tea with ice cubes.  White flour will disappear from your table. Products made ​​from it, raise blood sugar, causing the pancreas to produce insulin in enhanced mode. This situation leads to an uncontrolled appetite and a general lack of energy.

Eat slowly. Sit back, relax and watch what you put in your mouth. According to some nutritionists, food, swallowed on the go, your mind goes unnoticed, and the saturation process is difficult.  Treat yourself graciously. Sometimes you show weakness, nothing can be done, it is in human nature. Do not punish yourself too harshly. Try to reduce calories during your next meal, or at least eat only useful. That is, we repeat, it should be your primary goal.  Raw mushrooms - carcinogens. Vegetables can be consumed in foods like raw and after cooking. However, the nutrients that make up the carrots, onions and tomatoes, is easier to digest in the dishes. It is strictly forbidden to consume raw mushrooms: they contain hydrazines that are included in the list of possible carcinogens. However, after the heat treatment of mushroom dishes contribute to cancer prevention.  Prefer vegetables with bright colors. Vegetables with bright, intense color contain more antioxidants, so opt for orange carrots, red peppers, red cabbage.

These products help more actively resist aging and cancerous changes in cells, leading to the development of tumors.  Apricots are better than raisins. Some kinds of dried fruits, such as raisins, can contribute to an abrupt rise in blood sugar levels. This process is undesirable, since it can serve as one of the factors that predispose to diabetes. Full security to prefer dried cherries or apricots.  Get a food diary. Entries in it to help you understand what leads to overeating. Perhaps you allow yourself too much, when you feel sad, lonely ... In short, the cat's scratching. Or maybe "into the arms of the refrigerator," you push the irritation and anger, which must contain? There may be some other cause or complexes. Alien soul, as you know, the darkness, but the blog will help to clarify the relationship with his own. And remember, your main goal - health!
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