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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

S Pen may be very close to the upcoming Samsung tablets

We no longer talk of cutting land for sale with the almighty iPhone , but to mark the differences between competitors with Android tablets manufacturers increasingly numerous and increasingly proficient product. The added value is something that some like Samsung can afford to work.

One way to provide more than the rest we have in the pens or pointers compatible with touch screen , as demonstrated HTC with their Flyer , or the same Samsung with its Galaxy Note . In the case of the Korean company also opened the way for a new path of development with the creation of S Pen .

Already discussed in detail in a section on analysis of the Note , and no question of a perfect definition, but is only valid and has some development libraries provided by Samsung that allows anyone to make juice the invention.

The last thing we know is that Samsung is interested in giving more play to S-Pen , leading to its larger devices, or whatever it is, the tablets. In a larger screen, a new input method becomes quite meaningless.

"We think the use of a pointer is little point in different screen sizes of our products, especially the larger ones. This is as specific as you can not advertise a product, " Ryan Biden, Samsung

Note The Samsung Galaxy has a recognition system developed by the stylus Wacom , with a good definition, it can also be used to move through the operating system, an issue that one can be grateful when you do not have to take off the gloves .

Leaving the universe Android, Windows tablets long to find compatible with pointers, and that will remain with the arrival of Windows 8 .

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