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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stacy Kibler

American actress, model and former professional wrestler for World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Stacy Kibler professional wrestling began to engage in a group of 'Nitro Girls' in WCW; quickly from a simple member, it became a band manager. At that time, Stacy appeared under the pseudonym 'Miss Hancock'. After WCW was purchased by WWE, Kibler moved to a new location, here she took part in the history of 'Invasion' and became manager of 'Dudley Boyz', and then - brothers Scott Steiner and Test.
First of all remember all Kibler his incredibly long legs, her name was first 'Legs WCW', and then - 'Feet WWE'; when he was party to it the TV project "Dancing with the Stars 'she received from one of the judges of a new nickname -' Weapon of mass seduction '.

Born Stacy Ann-Marie Kibler in Baltimore, Maryland. In three years she studied ballet, tap and jazz dancing. After school, Stacy attended the University of Tauson, where she studied mass communication. Partially paid for its higher education scholarship - its average score is 3.7 with a maximum of 4. Already at the University of Kibler started apprenticeship model and played a number of small roles in movies, in addition, the eighteen-Stacy was a member of the team support "Baltimore Ravens".

In wrestling Stacy Kibler has involved her boyfriend, Chris Cumberland. At the end of 1999, Stacy took part in the competition, hosted WCW - federation was looking for a new participant in the dance group 'Nitro Girls'. In November, Kibler has managed to defeat three hundred rivals, to get a seat, and ten thousand dollars. Since then, Stacy began to act in the Monday show under the pseudonym of 'Sky'.

Pretty soon the girl noticed and promoted, under the name 'Miss Hancock' she began to do business group. Her character was mainly strict business suits, this, however, did not prevent her from time to time delight the eye surrounding the sensuous dancing on the table. At the same time, Kibler has developed another method which has become in the future just did her trademark gesture - she appeared in the ring, slowly swinging in the second tier of ropes of their sorokadvuhdyuymovye feet, keeping them at a moment in this position and showing the audience his underwear. In general, few women in the history of world wrestling enough growth to just step over the middle tier - also make it in the style of Stacy nobody could.

For a while, Stacy Kibler met with David Flair, as in the ring, and in real life. Ended with a novel storyline with pregnancy Miss Hancock, after a pregnancy was a false, Miss Hancock left the ring. Kibler returned to wrestling is a real name.

In 2001, WCW went under control of the World Wrestling Federation (World Wrestling Federation, WWF); Stacy almost immediately received a new contract. In the WWF matches she played the role of villain, part of the Alliance. Once the Alliance has become a leader Kibler villainous team 'The Dudley Boyz', earning the nickname 'The Duchess Dudlivillya'. In the period from 2004 to 2005th Stacy participated in the war scene with the group 'Divas' and Randy Orton. In 2005, she was invited to a new team, but instead with Rosie and the Hurricane, under the pseudonym SuperSteysi, she has performed prior to year 2006. Kibler then received an invitation to project 'Dancing with the Stars', finishing the season, she decided to leave wrestling and try their hand at a number of other professions.
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