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Monday, October 3, 2011

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet was born into a family of four, 5 October 1975 in Reading, England. His father and his two sisters, Anna and Beth, his grandparents and uncles and other cousins, belong to the world of theater which leaves little doubt about the origins of the desire to become an actress Kate Winslet. It said he had a revelation at the age of 5 when she played the role of the Virgin Mary in a room of his school. As she has no doubts about her vocation, she entered at the age of 11 years at the Redroofs Theater School, to begin his training as an actress. She learned to play, but also to sing and dance.
Kate Winslet began her career at age 13 in an advertisement for a brand of cereal. She turns in various other commercials and made ​​his debut in the theater. In London, it is found on Pandora boards in Adrian Mole and Wendy in Peter Pan. TV's remark and opens its doors. She then played in many series including causes, in 1989, Dark season in 1991 and Get Back in 1992. Her first film role offered to him by Peter Jackson in 1994. In Heavenly Creatures, she plays a girl of good family, slightly hysterical, who lives a great friendship in love with one of her classmates.
They are so close to each other that their relationship worries people around them trying to separate them. Both of these celestial creatures, who live longer in the same world as other, carefully hold the murder of the mother of one of them, thinking that while nothing could separate them. The film was well received by critics and Kate Winslet made ​​known to the world. She was spotted by a U.S. agent who offered him work in Hollywood.
Kate Winslet began his American career in 1995 in a Disney production, A Kid in King Arthur's Court, which turns out to be a turnip. But the actress can not be discouraged and that year is found in the beautiful film by Ang Lee, Sense and Sensibility, alongside Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson. The film is a success and talent of actress Kate is recognized by audiences and critics. It is then nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe for best supporting actress.
In 1996, it is found in two films: mother transformed into courage, she appeared in Michael Winter bottom's Jude and letting go crazy Ophelia, she appeared in Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet. In 1997, she triumphed alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the beautiful film by James Cameron, Titanic. She plays the role of Rose, a girl of high society is about to marry, in an arranged marriage, a wealthy heir. Etoufee the world in which it lives, its hypocrisy, its conventions, she feels trapped and helpless. It is thanks to a young man of the people, Jack, it will succeed in giving meaning to his life by turning his back on his past. A little more than saved by Leonardo "Titanic mania," she quietly continues his career.
It is found in 1998 in Hideous Kinky Gillies MacKinnon, and in 1999, in Jane Campion's Holy Smoke with Harvey Keitel and Pam Grier. In Quills - pen and blood, she played opposite Geoffrey Rush and Joaquin Phoenix a film about the exploits of the Marquis de Sade. The following year, it turns Iris with Judi Dench and its role allows him to get an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Then in The Life of David Gale, released on French screens in April 2003, she played a journalist who wants to prove the innocence of an activist against the death penalty himself sentenced to death. In his private life, November 29, 1998, she married Jim Threapleton very discreetly, an assistant director she met on the set Marrakesh Express. The couple had a daughter together, Mia, but he soon divorced. She lives next several months with director Sam Mendes. The actress and filmmaker married on a whim and without their families for holidays in the Caribbean. Only Mia and three friends of the couple attending the ceremony.

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