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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lacey Schwimmer

Lacey Schwimmer was born (Lacey Schwimmer) in Redlende, California (USA), June 28, 1988. Her mother name is Laurie Kaufman, and Pope - Buddy Schwimmer. Lacy's father - a famous professional dancer. Since childhood, life was devoted to dancing girls. In 1995, with partner Brian Cordoba (Brian Cordoba) she performed at the U.S. Open for the dance, at the time she was seven years old, and she danced in the style of swing. Three years later in 1998 with another partner Blais Thompson (Blace Thompson) Lacey won first place at the same championship. Next year she performed at these championships and has consistently won prizes.

In 2004, at the next Open Championship of the United States she won in the group of Young Adult Division, here she was dancing with another partner, Jared Murillo. With Jared she also won in 2006 at the US National Youth Latin Championship.

C Murillo, she starred in the TV series "All-the-top type, or the life of Zack and Cody." In December 2007, she had to undergo an operation to restore the meniscus in his left knee.
Lacy participated in an online battle of 'Biggest Online Dance Battle', in this battle, she competed with M & M Cru. Schwimmer took part in the "Ellen DeGeneres Show." She danced with actor Adam Sandler in a ceremony 'MTV Movie Awards', which took place in 2008. Also, she had to give in Norway workshops.
Lacy has been producing clothes. It has released its line of socks without heels, and even specialized clothing for dance, design clothes that developed the brand "Sugar and Bruno".

Schwimmer worked on shooting video for the song 'Rainbow' singer from Italy Elisa. She also tried herself in singing, performing the vocals in one song of 'Cash Cash'. The song is called "Red Cup". She also starred in the clip of Christina Aguilera, which played jazz groupie, the clip was filmed for the song 'Candyman'.

Schwimmer - a professional dancer, participant in the reality show "Dancing with the Stars." On the show she performed with Lance Bass, member of pop group "N Sync", the seventh season. In the eighth season, she danced with actor Steve-O. In the ninth season, she appeared in a pair with actor and host Mark Dacascos. In the eleventh season, she danced in a pair with actor Kyle Massey.

Lacey Schwimmer has won many times at various competitions in dancing. The most famous was brought to her participation in reality TV talent show 'So You Think You Can Dance'. In 2006, her sister Lacey Schwimmer Benji (Benji Schwimmer) won on the same show. And their cousin Heidi Groskroyts in the third season of the show won an honorable fourth place.When choosing a style of dance she stopped at the Latin American dances and dances in the style of swing.

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