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Sunday, November 20, 2011

9 of the rules of successful weight loss

Rules of successful weight loss

From strict diets weight quickly returns! Tips on mc. dietitian Michael Ginzburg will help people who lose weight and lose weight, not lose weight

1. Do not despair! Even if you have not tried to throw off the weight once and you do not have all turned out. The most common cause of failure - a very weak understanding of the human body. Ktati, at least 98% full - people with perfectly normal metabolism. Therefore, for a successful struggle with extra pounds we need: knowledge, confidence in and commitment.
2. We need to find and recognize their previous mistakes.Independently to find their weak points is difficult, it is better to ask for help from a doctor, registered dietitian.

3. Remember: we're so sick of fat - just supply power. It must be quietly let the energy needs. This feeling is much more productive than obsessive thoughts of weight to get rid of in any way. It is proved that, moving through a series of torturous dieting, weight restoration and relapse, people gain weight more quickly than if he had not tried to lose weight at all.

4. Want to lose weight - enjoy a lifestyle that leads to weight loss. Before you change something in the order of its power, mobility, and ask yourself, "Would I do it, even if I was not going to lose weight?" If so, then you find what you need!

5. All that you plan to do to lose weight, you have to like, either alone or bring your favor no matter what purpose you started all this.
6. Do not try to lose weight permanently - the body can not spend all the time fat. Make for yourself no one diet, and at least two. First - unloading, which really leads to weight loss. The second - a softer, allowing just do not gain weight. For your body a break from the diet.

7. Avoid the torturous diets and excessive loads. This is dangerous - the quality of life deteriorates, plus there is a great desire to throw all this. All the "pohudatelnye excesses" in fact increasing their weight!

8. Drugs and Supplements of excess weight can help a little. Maximum may be slightly accelerate weight loss.And no more. The accumulation of fat - in general a normal process. And from the normal processes in medicine is not medicine.

9. Not to eat late, go to bed early. Restful sleep easier weight control.
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