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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Top 10 best love films

Top 10 best love films

10. Love in the Time of Cholera Love in the time of cholera (2007) 
The film is based on the novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Even in his youth Florentino met the love of his life, but, unfortunately, is intended for another man. However, the hero does not want to give up. All his life he seeks only to one purpose - to be worthy of his beloved. And 50 years later, he will still be with ney.Tolko Spaniard could create a story of love unrequited lifelong! The beauty of Spain is intertwined with the beauty of the story. Completes the picture of the Latin American soundtrack, which will leave no one indifferent.
9. Proximity Closer (2004)
 In this romantic movie intertwining relations between the two pairs of holding in tension the viewer, who until the end of the movie is anyone's guess who will be with anyone. From the banal love triangle directed by Mike Nichols made a square, and we've got a rather unusual story with an unpredictable ending. All the talk in the film revolve around sex, but in the film there are no nude scenes. Perfectly matched cast (Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Clive Owen and Natalie Portman) gives the film "Closer" charm.

8. My Blueberry Nights My blueberry nights (2007)
Very often, we fixate on one person, forgetting that the person can be very close. Elizabeth, the main heroine of the film (by the way, played by famous singer Norah Jones), it took away from their homes and spend a year in her new life, to realize that she really needed. 
film "My Blueberry Nights" is the Hollywood debut of Chinese director Wong Car Waya. Despite the change of location filming, he still remained faithful to his style - to put in priority beauty perception. Therefore, in each of his film nicely examine the details, the combination of colors and color finds a director. This is no doubt a romantic film looks at one go, and the soundtrack performed by Norah Jones perfectly complements the visuals.
 7. A Very Long Engagement A Very Long Engagement (2004)
An amazing film about a love that destroys all obstacles. The film's heroine, played by Audrey Tautou, through the film looking for her husband, who is considered executed at the end of World War II. She feels that he is alive, but nobody believes her intuition. Surrounding believe that she just went crazy. Throughout the film the audience sympathize with the heroine Audrey Tautou. Everyone wants to, she finally found a friend. Earnest game great French actress will not leave anyone indifferent spectator.
6. The English Patient English Patient (1996)
Nine Oscars, assigned to the film academy in this film 1997th year (including a nomination for Best Picture), speak for themselves. A magnificent cast (Rafe Fiennes, Juliette Binoche, Willem Dafoe, Kristin Scott Thomas and Naveen Andrews), excellent scenery, interesting and absorbing story taken almost three hours to make a movie moment. 
The history of every human life is much more interesting than any novel. And the plot of the film is based on a story about the last love of a dying soldier. Interweaving of love, passion and prejudice - that's the plot of this movie about love, is rightly considered a masterpiece of world cinema. "The English Patient" is worth seeing for everyone. 
5. Modigliani Modigliani (2004)
The basis for this film about love lay biography of the famous artist Amedeo Modigliani. The picture tells in detail about the last years joker Modi, Jeanne Hebuterne conducted. Charming Andy Garcia - the perfect choice for the role of revelers Modigliani. And Elsa Zilbeynshteyn playing Joan, as if lost her paintings Amadeo. Well-chosen cast and skillfully filmed tandem Paris make the film truly beautiful. Monmatr, talented artists and mediocrity - all intertwined in the plot of the picture. But everyone knows that a happy ending to this story will not. Tragedy and Amedeo Modigliani Jeanne Hebuterne, directed by Michael Davis, brings to tears. But along with sympathy for the main characters after the movie is at heart a sense of beauty and beautiful. 
4. City of Angels The city of angles (1998)
What if angels live among us? And one of them falls in love with you? Directed by Brad Sidberling gives his version of the answers to these questions. Cover Seth (Nicolas Cage), being an angel comes for the souls of men to carry them to another world. He's just doing his job. Angels are absolutely devoid of human emotions - fear, pain and love. But sometimes they want to people to find what makes life so bright. Seth falls in love with Dr. Maggie Rice (Meg Ryan) and decides to take his earthly life for her. Well-chosen soundtrack makes this romantic but sad story even more beautiful. 
3. The Ghost The Ghost (1990)
This film is considered a classic of the romantic genre. The story about Sam Whit, played by Patrick Swayze, who became a ghost to save his girl, loved by many. And of course the song Unchanged melody! After the movie it became a real anthem of lovers. 
2. Obsession Wicker Park (2004)
And if that does each of us has the second half, intended destiny? And meet her in our big world, you must not lose it, despite all the obstacles and troubles. The film tells how Matthew for two years looking for that unique - Lisa. His quest complicated girl, Alex, is trying to prevent their meeting. It is interesting love triangle shot is accompanied by a good soundtrack. Great entertainment you provided.

Well, where do without it: 
1. The Notebook The Notebook (2004)
So we went to our first place ranking and the most romantic filmThe love story of a lifelong, filmed by the same name by Nicholas Sparks book. Noah and Allie met as a boy, fell in love and wanted to be together for life. However, her parents and the circumstances did not allow them to do so. Greater love can not be destroyed, but when watching a movie in the happy-end in doubt until the very end of the narrative. The story of Noah and Allie sinks into the soul. Need a few days after viewing, to fully understand the movie and remember it forever. Many critics and viewers consider "The Notebook" greatest romantic film ever made.
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