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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Funky Eyeliner Makup

Women who make the arrows on the eyes, look very sexy and a bit mysterious. The most beautiful and famous women loved to draw arrows on the eyes, this is Cleopatra, and Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.If you also want to have sex in such luxury and arrows in his eyes, get a eyeliner that will give maximum expressive eyes and a magical view .
Dry Eyeliner
Give your eyes maximum naturalness. This liner is very similar to the shade and apply it to damp brush. Draw arrows, dry liner is very simple. If fat or liquid liner will wash off if the line is drawn a little awry, then the line drawn by dry eye-liner, you can simply correct it. True, dry liner, there is a significant negative - it is very unstable.

Liquid Eyeliner
It is considered a classic, it comes in tubes that look like ink, but instead of a brush on the end cap has a very fine brush. True, in recent years, many manufacturers produce ink and in a special pen, which is much easier to operate. Liquid eye-liner is perfect for neat thin arrows. This liner is suitable for those women who love false eyelashes, eye-liner so perfect place masking glue eyelashes. However, not get carried away and draw arrows on the lower eyelids, no matter how thin needle may be, you end up too bright and harsh make-up.

Liquid eyeliner is more consistent and it is glossy and matting. If the package is written in eyeliner gloss, then, eyeliner and glossy, it is more appropriate to create the image of evening makeup . To create a daytime make-up eyeliner is ideal Matting.

Thick Eyeliner
The consistency resembles Vaseline and sold in small jars. Fatty eye-liner should be applied to a special brush, which sometimes included. This liner is suitable for those women and girls who like massive thick arrows. Thick eye-liner has a great advantage - it dries quickly.

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