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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ten of the world's most expensive actresses

Each year, data on the world's most expensive actresses change. Often, it depends on the success of a fresh film with their participation. But who is the most expensive actress recently? Who over the past 10 years paid the most for his role? This was in the general ranking of the most highly paid actresses in the world:

10 - Meryl Streep

62-year-old actress Meryl Streep for today collected the largest number of al Oscars Best Actress. Her best films are considered to Kramer vs. Kramer, Sophie's Choice, Bridges of Madison County, Manhattan and The Deer Hunter

9 - Sandra Bullock

The actress, who plays mostly in dramas, comedies, melodramas and a great liking to American audiences. Her fee for the year reached $ 15 million. The best films - The Clash, The Blind Side, A Time to Kill, The Lake House and Speed.

8 - Cameron Diaz

Striking blonde, who once did and did not intend to become an actress. Enjoying a beautiful film with Cameron - Mask, My Sister's Keeper, Any Given Sunday and Gangs of New York.

7 - Katherine Heigl

The actress is not just getting on top of tops most beautiful and sexy women, soap operas and movies with her participation - one of the most popular on television. Best films actress - The Naked Truth, The Life As We Know It, Make a wish and TV series Grey's Anatomy and the City of newcomers.

6 - Kristen Stewart

The role of Bella in "Twilight," Kristen immediately made one of the best young actresses in the world. Apart from the "Saga", watching the best movies with her participation in the Wild, Kutlass, Panic Room, Speak, and women in the country.

5 - Julia Roberts

"Pretty Woman" still does not come in first place. Best movies of Julia - Ocean's Eleven, The Stepmother, Dying Young, Pretty Woman and Erin Brockovich.

4 - Reese Witherspoon

Actress and producer, has recently received a star on the Walk of Fame. Movies with Reese - Cruel Intentions, Pleasantville, Walk the Line, Between Heaven and Earth and series The Simpsons and Friends.

3 - Jennifer Aniston

Another actress from friends, former wife of Brad Pitt and charming beauty of the movie Marley and Me, Bruce Almighty, Derailed and Rock Star.

2 - Sarah Jessica Parker

The role of Carrie Sarah made recognizable throughout the world, there is not one girl who would not recognize this character of "Sex and the City". Looking for Sarah in the film Ed Wood, The First Wives Club and Flight of the Navigator.

1 - Angelina Jolie

The first beauty of the world, the wife of the most coveted actor Brad Pitt and the incredible mom. Angelina Jolie for many years headed the list and it seems that is not going to leave it. Best films with Angelina - Changeling, Interrupted, Gia and Lara Croft - Tomb Raider.
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