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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weight loss - the most common mistakes

No matter how much some men did not claim that they prefer women with curvaceous than thin persons, but fewer women are in pursuit of the proverbial perfect silhouette pose unimaginable experiments on their health, and no more. In this article, the site will be considered the most  http://hippa-kacho.blogspot.com/  actual errors that have plagued many of the ladies who are trying to say goodbye to forever hated being overweight. But, do you remember that it is best to learn from others' mistakes!

Mistake number 1. Invalid motivation Yesterday you've decided that you are going to lose weight, and the reasons for this decision may be very different: you are envious of the figure of the famous model or actress dreams chic look on the beach in a bikini, like the man you want or just want to get into your favorite jeans or a dress. It should disappoint you: none of these reasons can not claim to be the proper motivation for weight loss . So, having before my eyes thing you want to try again, you expose your body to additional stress, prejudicial to the outcome. And planning to lose a few pounds for beach season, you have pre-programming itself solely to the temporary result. Finally, to lose weight should be only for themselves but not for someone else. Therefore, the only proper motivation can be only one - a strong desire to be healthy, and therefore beautiful.

Mistake number 2.  less calories, more quickly slim figure will at first glance, this statement may seem true: it really is, the fewer calories your body goes, the faster we grow thin, but here there is a danger of starvation and - as a consequence of nocturnal disruptions that make you just empty the fridge. Eating less does not mean less. It is best to eat for a day 5 times, but smaller portions and choose when it is predominantly vegetarian .

Mistake number 3. Selecting express diets agree very tempting offer: lose weight by 7 pounds per week - hard to resist. Indeed, the extra pounds in a while you get rid of, but together with the weight gone and your health. In this case the lost weight back again, and health problems will remain with you.

Mistake number 4.
The refusal of the sport in favor of a diet to get the desired effect can be used only if you prefer the combined effect on weight. However, this does not mean you have to push yourself every morning to make a run: exercise at any time, but at least for forty minutes. Selected type of fitness should bring you pleasure, and not be a burden.

Mistake number 5. Waiver of fat we can not completely abandon the fat, as fat soluble vitamins are beneficial for our body: A (for vision), D (for bones) and E (to the reproductive function.) Just stands to give preference to products with reduced fat content.

Mistake number 6. should eat more fruits and vegetables usually, many women start to lose weight in winter or immediately after it. During this period, the fruit that we buy does not contain those vitamins needed by the weakened body. Sometimes it's better to buy in the drugstore multivitamins than imported fruit. The same thing happens with vegetables: it is believed that in the frozen state they saved up to 70% of nutrients. Some fruits such as grapes or bananas are rich in fructose, which is an analogue of the same sugar. From them should not refuse at all, you just need to know when to stop. Moreover, by choosing what is best to eat for dinner vegetables rich in fiber, or any protein product, the preference is to give all the same to the latter. Do not try to buy the fastest, but short-term result, which, moreover, only harm your health. You do not need any diet is just to observe some rules that will allow you to always look slim and beautiful: Eat what you like, but little by little, in general, try to give preference to healthier food. When a balanced diet and sports - will become your habit, you will forget about the extra weight and the many health problems..
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