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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Magic Feet

Magic Feet, a treat to recharge Apple peripherals
With a name a bit pretentious but according to the products to Target, the company is ready to Mobee from March to send a new accessory for users of Apple peripherals: the Magic Feet.This is a stand to " accommodate "to slumping Apple mice and keyboards to which, if we have been proactive and put the batteries of this brand, we can simply leave on the base to recharge .
The wireless charging system for Mobee not have many secrets. At the top of the Magic Feet is an area to rest the Magic Mouse and the one below, a specific place to put the Magic keyboard or trackpad.
Recharging can be done with the three peripherals at the same time, and take six hours to complete it. Then we would have 10 hours days of autonomy in operation, so for now we can not see more than a little treat for giving more glamor to the desk. And on top needs its own power cord. Of course, at least gives us four ports USB extras.
We also have to join you that the "joke" comes from 150 euros . If you are interested and caters for shipments from March 1.
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