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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sony SmartWatch

In addition to signing with your logo, and its essence, the promising Sony Xperia S , the company also gives Nippon pace with Sony Ericsson accessories were in the market, as the "clock" LiveView , which makes it a good start about.
From now know as Sony SmartWatch,and like its predecessor, is a small device that can use Android as advanced wristwatch, and a remote control of our Smartphone Android . This is the new accessory from Sony:

Compared to last year's model, do not change the main features , but the look and variety of belts, as you can see in your entertainment we share with you. Let us know what we can do with it:
Almost total control of our Smartphone
With it we can be quietly updated the latest notifications that come to our phone, or reach of Facebook, Twitter ,or are new emails or SMS messages . It also warns us of events in the calendar.In the calls is where it behaves fairly complete, since the display will show who is calling, and since we Smart Watch turning me, mute, send a predefined message, or activate the headset to receive it.

The screen OLED is multitouch and is scratch-proof and splash, a specification practically necessary to be a device that most carry on the wrist, but Sony also offers us as we hang up.
Other notable features include low battery warning on the phone, voice activated dialing, and remote volume control of conversations and multimedia applications. For you are curious, connectivity with the phone is made ​​using Bluetooth 3.0.
The control device is touch, although it has a physical button on the side. Its dimensions are 36 × 36 mm, with a thickness of 8 mm, and weighs only 15.5 grams (26 grams with the belt).
Finally, remember that Sony is very interested in that game developers to take their development tools and take advantage of SmartWatch, so that we can find Android Market with developments that take advantage attachment.

On the official website shows us a couple of phones compatible with Sony SmartWatch, the brand new Sony Xperia S,and S Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. So far no information on the departure date on the market but the price must be close to 150 euros.
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