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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Make-up work

Have you ever wondered what the makeup for the job?

In order to bring some super tips for readers to make use of the work on a daily basis for you to do at home.
The first observation is: Every workplace has a "dress code" different, ie, has a kind of makeup suitable for each area.Well here we go ...

We began by cleaning the face, to get all the production is necessary to wash your face with soap and water, and if your skin is very oily is good to spend an astringent to remove any excess oil.

Soon after we passed the base and / or corrective and after noting that the compact should be a thinner layer to streamline the make. And if your skin is just like baby skin ... rrsrs not need it all right? Just spend an overprotective or moisturizer.

Outline the eyes with a pencil (the love of Payot, it is very dark and does not irritate my eyes like the others ... lol) preferably black or brown leaving them well marked, if you want you can spend an eyeliner and mascara in order preferably transparent to the day.

Now just go in a blush tone more suited to your skin and spend a lipstick, lip gloss or lip gloss to highlight lips.

Remember : Do not make the abuse during the day, because when you have a party or some special date make up the strongest will not be noticed.

If you need to go out after work and do not have time to make up, make for doing the job right after use hairspray makeup.
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