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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Self Breast Exam and Mammography

Self Breast Exam and Mammography
Self breast examination is a monthly survey that the woman can do herself. When you do a breast self-exam should look for lumps, ripples, check the thickness of the breasts or discharge from the nipple.

It is recommended that the examination of the breasts by the woman herself is part of the shares 
of education for health , which includes knowledge of the body.

The scientific evidence suggests that self-breast examination is not effective for screening and does not contribute to the reduction in mortality from breast cancer. In addition, self-breast examination brings negative consequences such as increased number of biopsies of benign lesions, false sense of security in false negative tests and negative psychological impact on false positive tests.
Therefore, breast examination performed by the woman herself does not replace the physical examination by a health professional (doctor or nurse) qualified for this activity.

When should you?
Do self-examination once a month.The best time is just after menstruation. For women who do not menstruate more self-examination should be done on the same day of each month (eg every 15 days).

How do self-exam?
The breast self-examination consists of the following five steps:

First step:
Examine your breasts in the shower or bath as the hands move more easily when the skin is wet. With your fingers flat, move gently over the entire area of ​​each breast, looking for lumps, hard lumps and check the thickness.

Second step:
Stand in front of the mirror and look at her breasts. Look first with your hands at your sides, then with your hands over your head, then with your hands pressed firmly on the waist so your chest muscles are flexed. Look for lumps, differences in size and shape, and swelling or dimpling of the skin.

It is normal for the breasts are not exactly equal.

Step Three:
Examine your breasts with your fingers while sitting or standing. Slowly and methodically squeeze the breast with the opposite hand to him. With your fingers flat, work in a circular or spiral, beginning at the nipple and moving gradually outward.

Step Four:
Lie down and repeat the third step. Place a small pillow or rolled towel behind your left shoulder and put his left arm behind your head. This distributes breast tissue more evenly on your chest. Use your right hand to examine your left breast, as in the third step, and then use the left hand to examine your right breast. Feel for any lump that does not exist in the same area the other breast.

Step Five:
Squeeze the nipple of each breast gently between thumb and forefinger. Tell your doctor immediately if any discharge of fluid.

If you find some of the abnormalities mentioned above, remember that it is important to seek medical service, outpatient clinics, offices and public health centers can help you. The sooner the better!
Also, if you, for whatever reason, see your doctor, ask him also to examine their breasts. And if a mammogram is requested requires the hallmark of the report of its examination. This is the guarantee of a reliable test.

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