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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Can I lose weight by 10 kg per week

At a time when the human body is much more important than his personality, and many on this planet is obsessed with their appearance, wanting to look good, trying to deal with being overweight. But unfortunately, many do not agree to fight obesity by the scheme meant by a prolonged and persistent diet, which combined with any kind of exercise. Most people resort to quick and lazy diets, where you can choose to lose weight quickly and without the cost of power, for example, in one week to 10 kg.

Reset for the week is a weight, something out of science fiction, but seeing or hearing advertising which states that it is quite possible for such a short time and, moreover, without harm to health can not help you become a hostage of the miraculous techniques or expensive drugs, which promise to one hundred percent result. Many people are concerned about this problem so that they are ready to believe all what they say in advertising and get on an extreme diet, for example, wine, although it is not clear whether anyone was able to achieve these results then, just one week.

Theoretically, to lose weight in a short time is possible. To do this, just stop eating and figuratively the body will feed on the fact that he put all the time. It sounds like something simple, but it is actually much more serious and the consequences can be very serious and irreversible for the man. Typically, such tests are run out much earlier than necessary, since not everyone, even healthy body can stand it, and those who suffer from excess weight quite a long time, boasting excellent health can not.

Such strict diet accompanied by great weakness and dizziness, but this is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what is happening inside the body. Lack of protein, fat, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates that are necessary for normal functioning of the body, break habitual his work. As a result, may worsen chronic diseases, although they generally need to exclude such a diet, and instead of helping the body can bring him the only one, irreparable, harm.

A lot of diets that exist, devised by the losing weight and that such a diet, many are questionable, as they are, in most cases the extreme and not something to do with diet therapy do not have. That is why many have more confidence in professionals nutritionists that are individually suited to the problem, given the characteristics of an organism and suggest that it is a diet that is necessary and do no harm. But not everyone recommended diet specialist, which promises to eliminate the extra 10 kg in one week, may give the desired result. But the fact that such a diet should be curative in nature, it is a fact.

Diet "10 kg for a week"

One of these diets makes it such an effect.The first day  you need to drink only one bottle of mineral water throughout the day.Second day : a few hours before bedtime can eat an apple, and during the day to drink a little less than a liter of milk.The third day , as the first to drink a bottle of mineral water. And that's the most difficult days are over, all following more forgiving.On the fourth day  you can eat during the day, vegetable salad with sunflower oil.Fifth then again milk. That milk gives the body the right amount of calcium.

Given that some food was in five days, the sixth day - it is a feast. For breakfast, you need to eat a boiled egg and a cup of tea. At lunch, you need to drink a glass of vegetable broth made from potatoes, carrots, cabbage and beets. For lunch, a meat dish. 100g of boiled beef and a bit of canned green peas, will bring the end of the diet.

Last, the seventh day of the week, it's milk per day. During the day, you need to eat 100g of cottage cheese, drink half a liter of yogurt and the same amount of milk.

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