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Saturday, February 4, 2012

iPad 3 News

The huge amount of buzz and is a clear sign that the new iPad 3 Apple is just around the corner. It is now time to review each and every one of the rumors circulating on the net about the new tablet of Cupertino.All the rumours then you have to grab them with tongs as they are just that, rumors ...
Display iPad 3
One of the salient features of the iPhone 4, the high-resolution screen Retinal Display , will be present on the iPad 3.

Power iPad 3
It is virtually impossible for anything other than the new chip A6 govern the iPad 3. What we need to know now is whether the A6 will be quad-core. Some "competitors" iPad already incorporate quad-core processors, according to some rumors , the A6 itself will be quad-core. And speaking of RAM, and we trust that confirm rumors Retina Display screen, the iPad 3 need more than 512MB of RAM to keep up.
Siri in iPad 3
So far nothing is known of iOS 6 , but a beta of iPhone OS 5.1 are references to  iPad 3.

Release dates iPad 3
The most logical would be for Apple, just as we advance some time , sent the iPad 3 in early March in the U.S. and, little by little, the rest of the world.
Design iPad 3
It seems that the only thing that will not change in the new iPad 3  is the design. Apple hit with the shape and dimensions of the device and there is no apparent reason to change that now . Why change something that works?
The only change in design iPad could come marked by the hardware: perhaps the introduction of the Retina Display, the new improved battery, or both influence the design of the tablet. And we are talking about a small change in the thickness of the device .
The iPad 3 is very close ...
Are you also waiting for the iPad 3 ? What about features?You add something else (other than Flash )? Tell us in comments!
New iPad 3 
Apple iPad 3 
 iPad 3 release date
 iPad 3 design
iPad 3 concept

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